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Kiefer has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2014 and started his obsession with trading virtual items pre-NFTs on a variety of games. He has a background in economics and leads content and management for NFT Trading Academy.



Oli has been involved with cryptocurrency since 2018 and NFTs for the past 6 months. He loves independent NFT projects and is looking forward to the rise in NFT gaming. He leads marketing and management for NFT Trading Academy.

Bil Diesel

Marketing, Zed Run

Bil brings a background of digital marketing and traditional finance to the cryptoverse. He is obsessed with all things blockchain; whether that be NFT projects, yield farming, or anything in-between. If you're looking for Bil, you can typically find him on the Zed Run racetrack or the NBA Topshot marketplace.


TopShot, General Projects

Phil has been involved in NFT's since the founding of Topshot. He is a staple of the NFT community and even created his own project, He is a awesome resource we have here at the academy and he has been here since the very beginning. He prides himself on being able to answer literally, ANY crypto or NFT questions our members have. Some of his major investments and specialties include BAYC, ZED, Topshot, Sandbox, as well as many others.

Flowers IO

NFT Art Expert

Im flowers10, grew up in The Netherlands now living in china; working as senior concept artist at Net-ease games. Almost 10 years experience as a professional artist mostly in games with a specialty in world building. Working on Ip's like suicide squad, mazerunner, wonderwoman, etc. Co-founder on multiple NFT project such as: Hexx NFT, sneakerheadz society and U_Unicorns Mod in Nft trading acedemy


General NFT Expert

Mufasa has been involved in the NFT community since November. He loves hyper realistic products and lowkey projects. His favourite NFT collections include incognito and ones from independent artists. He has high hopes that NFTs will be the next big thing for open world gaming.


Curio, Veve, Genies

Julian AKA Boppin, first started learning about cryptocurrency back in 2018 as a senior in college. After graduating with a BA for Music Entrepreneurship, he helped to build an athletic startup company before transitioning to the NFT space full time. Boppin provides information and analysis for NFT Trading Academy on the projects: VeVe, Curio, and Genies. Boppin's NFT experiences also includes: Founding team member for Devious Demon Dudes, Community Manager for AnimePunks, Certified Game Maker for The Sandbox, as well as a moderator for Yat.


General NFT Expert

Been in the crypto space since 07. Im an artist by trade, Bachelor's in Fine Art and Minor in Art history. The NFT space has felt like home since day one, and it's a space that challenges me and keeps me excited. Co-founder of Reckless Whales project, involved with Riot Racers team, Shot Callers, NFT Trading Academy, The lxveless, Smart Finance, MillionPieces, Sophisticated Trading, Smart Finance, Kush Punks, NFT World, and others.


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