Setting up

Metamask is the best wallet to use when trading NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. A large portion of NFTs are created on Ethereum, making this an essential tool for NFT traders.

Coinbase is the easiest exchange to get started buying cryptocurrency. When you make any transactions on the Ethereum blockchain (like buying or selling an NFT), you will need some ETH to pay the transaction fee. Coinbase is an easy option to get some ETH to cover transaction costs and the price of the NFT. 

NFT marketplaces

Opensea is the primary NFT marketplace for the Ethereum ecosystem. It includes a wide variety of digital assets, including art, game items, and collectibles.

Nifty Gateway is another art-focused NFT marketplace.

Makersplace is an art-focused NFT marketplace.

View NFT trading activity

Opensea rankings is a useful page to check which Ethereum NFT projects currently have the most trading activity and how that activity has changed over time.

CryptoSlam provides detailed information about NFT project trading activity across multiple blockchains and displays notable sales.

NonFungible provides statistics about a variety of NFT markets.

Evaluate Market displays NBA Top Shot sales data.


Gas Now and ETH Gas Station are both sites that help you determine how large of a transaction fee you should pay to get an Ethereum transaction to process at the speed you want. If you’re just starting out, then you can just select slow/average/fast in Metamask. But once you get more comfortable, either of these sites can help improve your control over transactions.


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